Real-Time Earthquake Forum App

Real-Time Earthquake is a no-profit organisation created in northern Italy after the 2013 earthquake. I helped the organization to design a safety-management network app about earthquake crisis to present to the European Commission. I followed all the Apple guidelines on app-layouts in order to design the best experience possible in IOS environment.

Target and functions

The client wanted me to create an app with a real-time earthquake section focusing on managing earthquake crisis in Europe in a united front. The application aimed to respond to primary needs by providing emergency water, medical supplies, rescue teams, temporary field hospitals and distribute general help provided by individuals and organisations registered in. The client required a virtual place approved by Europe to exchange information, give and ask for help involving all European areas.

This application was aimed to be used by a wide target audience with different demographic characteristics, roles in society, and, level of education. Therefore, these factors have to be considered in the creation of an interface. With the aim so as to not confuse the user, it must contain a high aesthetic representation, and institutional appearance.

UX wireframes

Problems and solutions


The app has a main menu with 4 buttons at the bottom: Real-time, Tutorials, Forum, Guide.

The dashboard is structured with a glimpse of the latest real time earthquakes in Europe and a slideshow with the tutorials proposed by the organization.

Real-time section

In this section it's possible to see the list of all earthquakes in Europe and search for more techical details of a specific event.

Tutorials section

In this page you can watch tutorials on how to behave during an earthquake.

Forum section

Here you have a list of posts to have access to. You can choose to comment, look at the pic of the post, liking it. There is also an option as you see where you can Hide a post, Report a post or Follow a post.

In the Forum section you can create a new post by using the icon '+' on your top-left. It is going to show you a preview before you confirm. Also you can see an example of a post people have commented on.


A little Guide to the app to make life of the user easier.

Top-right menu

Clicking the hamburger-menu on the top-right you can have access to the sidebar dropdown menu where you can customise your Notifications and Account and you can send an email to the Help center in case you have an issue. You can also Log-out.


You can edit the info on your account after you create one by just clicking the top-right pencil icon


You can send a message to the Help center if you have any issue with the app

Login and Sign-up

There is of course a Log-in system to access the app and if you are not registered yet you have the Sign-upb> page to do so.


App prototype -
1st part

App prototype -
2nd part

Prototype tester opinions:

After a final test, the app was endorsed for simplicity and intuitiveness of navigations. All ideas (the tutorials, how the forum worked, and the structure) were appreciated. Users didn't need to put much effort into getting what they need, and everybody was able to scan the layout, find zones of information and elements of interaction. The app obtained a high level of usability for all categories of users.