Modomio website

The client is an architect/interior designer working in Netherlands. He asked me to come up with a typographical logo and I have worked the font Righteous trying to reproduce some of the architectural elements. I have tried to keep the lines rounded and simple and used a palette with a darker tone of colors to have a colorful but still professional outcome. By the way the last trend in color palettes is dark tones of colors. Client was very pleased with the result.

My role and the UI specs

For him I looked after the UI/UX process and the entire Wordpress development suggesting creative ideas and solutions, customizing completely the theme (HTML,CSS) in order to adapt it to the needs of the client. Hover interactions and the galleryt have been created using code with no plugin. I have use as main font Montserrat, which is clean very well designed font. I have also used a serif font: Cormorant Garamond for the quote in the 'hero section'.

Design and development:

On your left you see the wireframe and on the right the live page block screenshot. As 'hero section' I have used a video of one of his products covered by a grid to make the quote stand out and to refer to his technical background as architect.


The other pages

Looking after details:

I have set the menu hover event to look like an architectural element.