Fantasy Bank

The client was a prestigious Bank in Zurich. I changed the brand colors for discretion. The task was to design strategies to boost the new client's credit cards. Design a new web page section to captivate and engage the User. Conceptualise the aesthetic result in an efficient marketing campaign. Make the customer fan of this financial product.


I based my design on few key principles: simplicity, transparency, self-service, and aesthetic. I relied on them during all the Ux research and Ui design. The main problem was: how can online banking showcase the credit cards products and at the same time engage the customer to ask for them?

My case study provided the solution:

Customer-centric approach
Image based highlights
Virtual Assistant method for call to action task (information, score, appointment)
A proper marketplace instead of a list for show the different credit cards

Web pages

The result

This future online bank for credit cards was tested and gave back an overall customer satisfaction increased by 200%.